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Главная » 2009 » Июль » 9 » Sognefjord Swim Festival 2009 7.–9., August 2009, Norway
Sognefjord Swim Festival 2009 7.–9., August 2009, Norway

Sognefjord Swim Festival is the only fjord swimming festival in the world. Gathering swimmers and kayakers of all ages and type, in the most wondrous of Scandinavian scenery, this fjord swimming festival is proving to be the new hub for fjord enthusiasts and open water swimmers, locally and internationally.

Press facilities for the Sognefjord Challenge, 3.7 km fjord swim across the Sognefjord
- own press area at start and finishing posts, close to spectators and competitors and with views of competition arena, spectators and the fjord
- own press boat
- contact person at finishing post
- press conference after prize ceremony, approx. kl 1600
- competitors, journalists, and locals are invited to a social gathering by the fjord at 7.30 pm, Nokkaneset, Sognefjord Hotel, Leikanger

Please notify us of your attendance a.s.a.p. so we can reserve places for you

Sognefjord Swim Festival 7.–9. Aug
ust 2009

Since its launch in 2005, Sognefjord Swim Festival has drawn attention to the natural wonders of the 204 km long Norwegian fjord. It is the most spectacular swimming pool in the world, a perfect arena for fairytale adventures, sporting challenges and family fun. This year, the festival aims to use its key activities of swimming and kayaking to promote international friendship and clean water.

HIGHLIGHTS (* See also̊ www.fjordswim.no for detailed programme)

Friday 7. August  – Leikanger and Feios

  • Kayak Challenge, 6 km kayak competition from the north side to the south side of the Sognefjord from Leikanger to Feios
  • Sunset gathering at Feios fjordside BBQ and games
  • Fjord talk: Big River Man Martin Strel talks about his swim along the Amazon, President of the International Winter Swimming Association Mariia Yrjö Koskinen talks about winter swimming around the world.

Saturday 8. August – Feios og Leikanger

  • Sognefjord Challenge (international 3,7 km swim across the deepest fjord in the world). Participants include World Winter Swimming Champion Markku Pöyhölä, Big River Man Martin Strel and President of the International Winter Swimming Association Mariia Yrjö Koskinen.
  • Spectator boat and fjord cruise for everyone
  • Fjord fun for landlubbers, entertainment and catering on both sides of the fjord
  • Prize ceremony
  • Fjord banquet and dance

Sundag 9. august – Balestrand

  • Fjord service - fjordside blessing with local parish priest
  • Mini Challenge (400 m swim across the Esefjord "easy fjord" for all ages) 
  • Fjord Relay Races (in front of the famous Kvikne's Hotel)
  • After Swim
Detailed programme: http://www.fjordswim.no/en.php/festival/program
List of participants: http://www.fjordswim.no/en.php/servlets/reg2009liste

For more information, go to: www.fjordswim.no

For quality photos, please visit: http://www.fjordswim.no/en.php/press/images-2007

Press contact:
Simone Stibbe

  +47 90594822 

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